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April 2006
Buffalo Daughter - New Album Coming Soon

Buffalo Daughter

Sugar Yoshinaga's back from her stint in the Metalchicks and together with Yumiko Ono and Mooog Yamamoto to bring you the latest release from Buffalo Daughter!

If you've never heard of Buffalo Daughter, now is your chance to get in on one of Tokyo's best kept secrets. BD knocked the Shibuya club scene to pieces at the time of their mid-90's debut with their unique blend of experimental rock, turntables, and trademark synth sound (notably the 303+rock combo found in their classic "LI303VE" off of the album "Captain Vapour Athletes"). The successful trio landed a contract with Beastie Boys label Grand Royal Records where the released a series of albums that plunged them into heavy airplay on American college radio. They are also known for their production and studio work--collaborating with artists ranging fro Takako Minekawa (whose first original album "Roomic Cube" was written and performed in conjunction with Buffalo Daugher) to JPop artists like Chara and Yuki (both of who support BD production credits).

Buffalo Daughter's new CD comes out February 22. The album will be released in SACD hybrid format for the utmost in audio quality!