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April 2006
Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic

DVD release of "Strawberry Panic," the beautiful anime series with the yuri undertones, coming soon!

On Astraea Hill, there are three girl's school - St. Miatre Academy, St. Spica Academy, and St. Le Rim Academy. The combined dormitory for all three schools is located at the edge of the site on sacred territory where men cannot enter.

Nagisa has just transferred into the fourth grade of St. Miatre Academy (first year of high school), and is filled with hope and anxiety over her new school life. On the first day of school, she meets a girl named Shizuma and is stunned by her beauty. Shizuma puts her hands on Nagisa's shoulder, and presses her face to Nagisa's face . . .

DVD volume 1 contains episodes 1 and 3. Special edition includes a bonus cell phone strap and special booklet.