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March 2006
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Gouon Progressive

High and Mighty Color

Check out HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR's second full-length album "Gouon Progressive," coming April 5!

This Okinawan band with a "Hard Pop" sound debuted in January 2005 with their first single "Pride" (the theme song to "Gundam Seed Destiny"). They recorded a hit with their first album "Goover," which earned them a 2005 Japan Record Award. Their first single for 2006, "Ichirin no Hana" (intro theme to the anime series "BLEACH"), entered at number 2 on the Oricon charts!

The upoming album features thirteen songs including their hit singles "Ichirin no Hana" and "STYLE - get glory in this hand" (theme song to Playstation 2 game "Nindo - Kai").

Order HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR'S second album "Gouon Progressive" now!