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February 2006
Ram Rider - Portable Disco 8Bit Edition

Ram Rider

Following up on the success of Ram Rider's first album "Portable Disco" comes a new remix album "Portable Disco 8Bit Edition." We've got the low-down on the old album, the new remix album, and all points in between.

The beauty of Ram Rider's debut was in its flawless presentation of hook-heavy techno pop with an authentic house underpinnings. With "Portable Disco," the bass thumped strong, the synths twinkled, and like the pschedelic album art that adorns all his singles, everything was hyper-perfect and rainbows. This time around Ram Rider, a fan of computers since childhood, will be going lo-rez for a Nintendo-styled 8-bit remix album. Album features Japanese electro vanguard YMCK and a number of Ram Riders' regular collaborators for a rich sound with simple electronic synths.

Ram Rider's remix album "Portable Disco 8Bit Edition" comes out April 26