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February 2006
Fishmans Blitz


Following up on several single and DVD releases at the end of last year, March 2006 sees the release of a new CD+DVD single from Japanese rock/reggae band Fishmans. If you've never heard of the Fishmans, now is the perfect chance to hear something you've never imagined before.

Fishmans began in 1987, kicking off an unheard of boom with their unique blend of funky rock and dub. The key to the Fishmans sound was the voice of their iconic lead singer, Shinji Sato, who's dissarmingly feline voice combined with spacey lyrics and the throbbing dub beat for a non-traditional, non-punk take on dub. That Fishmans are still popular nearly seven years after the tragic death of Sato is a testament to the qualtiy of their original recordings.

Fishmans re-release of the original 1996 single "Seaons" comes out March 22 and includes a bonus DVD with a music video for the single. Also check out two recently released live DVDs from the band--including a recording of their final show in 1998.