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February 2006
Kashimashi - Girl meets Girl

Kashimashi -Girl meets Girl-

Check out the First DVD release of the popular Yuri anime series "Kashimashi - Girl meets Girl"!

Gentle, shy 17-year-old boy Hazumu confesses his love to the classmate Yasuna, only to be rebuked. With his heart broken, he goes to the mountain where he initially met her, only to get lost. When it gets dark, he sees a shooting star. As he wishes, however, he discovers something strange. . . his shooting star was really a falling space ship.

Barely surviving the accident, Hazumu is reconstructed by the aliens. Only one problem remains, they accidently rebuilt him as a girl! Now Yasuna, the girl who rejected him, has become a lot more friendly, and Hazumu's best friend Tomari is throwing strange glances.

"Kashimashi" is directed by Nobuaki Nakazawa ("Card Captor Sakura" and "Mahojin Guruguru"), with character design by Jukki hanada ("Rosen Maiden" and "Fate/Stay Night").

Package contains two episodes and booklet. First pressing features llustrated cards, character poem CD featuring voice actresses Rika Ueda, Yui Horie and Yukari Tamura! Preorder now!