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February 2006
Ginyu Mokushiroku: Meine Liebe - wieder

Ginyu Mokushiroku: Meine Liebe - wieder

Pick up the DVD release of "Ginyu Mokushiroku: Meine Liebe - wieder Vol.1"!

In Kuchen, an island country located on the edge of Europe, there exists an elite school named Rosenstolz Academy. "Meine Liebe" focuses on the growth and friendship of five beautiful "Strahl" candidates who will one day grow up to protect the kingdom: Orpherus, Ludwig, Edward, Naoji, and Camus.

Series features an outstanding cast including Takahiro Sakurai (VA of Orpherus) and Tomokazu Seki(Ludwig). First pressing includes bonus post card and a CD with mini drama and voice actors' comments. Order now.

Also check out the intro and outro theme CD by visual rock band Alice Nine, coming soon as well!