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February 2006
Mayumi Kojima - Seventh Full-Length Album

Mayumi Kojima

A little electronic, a lot of retro, Mayumi Kojima is back with her seventh full-length album out March 15! If you've never heard of Mayumi Kojima, she's the cute girl on the motorcycle who penned hits like "Ding Ding (Doo Ron Ron)" and "Kekkon Sodanjo."

Kojima is a practitioner of the "Showa" style, mimicking the style of half-jazz, half disco music popular in Japan in the early 1980s. Her music is defined by her high voice, a hint of electronic organ and otherwise fairly straightforward accoustic compositions (bass, guitar, piano, and drums with string samples) etc. Her absolutely adorable sound is simply not to be missed!

Mayumi Kojima's seventh album comes out next month! Preorder now.