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February 2006
Pizzicato Five Revival

Pizzicato Five

While Maki Nomiya is continuning her succesfull solo career and Yasuharu Konishi is working his magic on the Readymade Entertainment Label and releases from Karia Nomoto (including a cover of the P5 classic "The Night Is Young"), Tokyo is swinging back to the 90s for a trip of nostalgia for the classic Pizzicato Five sound!

This March 31 sees the release of two new greatest hits collections from the band that brought Shibuya-kei to the world. "Pizzicato Five Meikyokushu" features the best of P5 as selected by member Yasuharu Konishi. If you're looking for a different take on the past, there's also "Pizzicato Five Best" selected by DJ Shinichi Hirabayashi.

Furthermore, to commemorate the upcoming release, Columbia Records is reissuing 15 albums from the Pizzicato Five catalog, this time in the standard CD-sized format. The complete catalog includes "Instant Replay," "Josei Joui Jidai," "Sa Ra E Japon," "Romantique 96," "Overdose," a combined 3-EP album, "Bossa Nova 2001," "Happy End Of THe World," "Playboy Playgirl," "Pizzicato Five," "Sweet Pizzicato Five," "Pizzicato Five R.I.P." "Singles," "Pizzicato Five TYO," and "Pizzicato Five JPN." Check out each product page for complete details!