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February 2006
BoA - Outgrow

After a string of stunning single releases, BoA is back with her fourth official full-length album! Now that she's whetted your appetite with the ballad "Everlasting," it's time to go in for the full course.

BoA's new album "Outgrow" features 13 tracks including her previous singles "Do the Motion," "make a secret," "Dakishimeru," and "Everlasting." The album will be released in two varieties, either the standard, type-B edition, or the limited, type-A edition which includes the bonus track "First snow" and a bonus DVD. Order the limited edition to get additional music videos and making-of footage for the tracks "Do the Motion," "make a secret," and her latest single "Dakishimeru."

"Outgrow" comes out Valentine's Day, the perfect gift for yourself or the one you love (also make out to check out CDJapan's Valentine's Day gift card promotion!). We are also hosting three BoA items in our Avex DVD sale page ("8 Films & More," "BoA First Live Tour 2003 - Valenti," and "BoA Live Tour 2004 - Love & Honesty") Preorder now!