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December 2005
Eri Nobuchika Debut Album

Eri Nobuchika

Get a grip on the future of the J-Club scene with the debut album from Eri Nobuchika coming out December 21 2005. You may already know Eri Nobuchika from her debut single "Lights," which dominated the Japanese album charts after being featured in the PlayStation Portable game "Lumines." That was her first collaboration with Japanese club DJ Shinichi Ozawa (AKA Mondo Grosso) who has produced works for UA, BoA, and Kelis.

So what does this bright-faced eighteen-year-old have in store for us this time? Eri Nobuchika's new album includes album mixes of her singles "Lights," "Voice," and "Sketch for Summer" plus "Kodou" and eight other tracks for a total of 12 songs. All songs are written, sung, and performed by Eri Nobuchika with support and production again from Shinichi Ozawa. Judging by the singles already available, the new album stands to become the next big album to span the club/house scene and Jpop markets! Album highlights includes the singles and the new track "Sing a Song." and the low-key bossa-acoustic closing song "Hidamari" (recorded with only vocal, guitar, and cello on the internal microphone of a Powerbook).

Eri Nobuchika's debut album comes out December 21 2005. A new DVD single titled "Yume no Kakera" is scheduled to be released in March (developed in collaboration with Studio 4C - the animation studio behind "Mind Game" and "The Second Rennaissance" portions of "The Animatrix.").