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October 2005
Miho Hatori Straight Outta Purgatory

Miho Hatori

Former Cibo Matto member Miho Hatori is straight out of purgatory with her first solo album, "ecdysis" out on Speedstar Records!

The new Miho Hatori album is a blend of the electronic sounds found in albums from Cibo Matto and the world music rhythms found in her latest work with Smokey and Miho. More laidback than much of her previous work, each song still features Hatori's distinctive voice - either sung or spoken. Album highlights include "Walking City" and "Sweet Samsara Part I." "Walking City"is an electro pop song with a Buffalo Daughter-esque spoken verse and very Miho Hatori sung chorus (complete with bossa nova guitar line). "Sweet Samsara Part I" is pure Miho Hatori through and through, with characteristic horn line and pseudo-harmonized chorus. In a word, absolutely beautiful.

Hear the latest album from the artist whom Speedstar label-mate UA said of "I haven't heard a woman with this much potential in a long time. My heart flutters."