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October 2005
Polysics - Now Is The Time


Now is the time to pick up Polysics's latest album "Now is the time!" In 1997 Polysics lead singer Hayashi had a dream, to make a band to follow in the footsteps of his idols Devo. Polysics are a long-time favorite of the Japanese underground - the bringers of the new wave of new wave with their incorporated synth sound. Half 80s-era synth pop and half surf, Polysics capture the indie punk rock spirit of 80s bands like Devo and The Cars.

Their analog synth sound defines them as a band, but their rambunctious feel made them a legend. They've toured Europe, America, and Japan, and their latest album was recorded in a number of exotic locales with the help of a variety of the worlds most interesting producers!

Pick up Polysics's latest album, "Now is the time!," now!