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October 2005
Tei Towa - Flash and Flasher

Tei Towa

The first time I heard Towa Tei, I was so completely blown away I was grounded for a week. I was 9 at the time(which is a testament to how long the man has been in business), and I saw DeeLite's music video for "Groove Is In The Heart." I didn't know what to make of retro at the time, but I knew I had to tell someone. Unfortunately, that someone was my mother, and so ends the story.

Towa Tei has that affect on people. The man's music is so groovy, so retro, so out there, and yet so listenable it's profound--and likely to get you in some sort of trouble. Pick up his latest album "Flash" to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Half disco-house, half bossa nova, with a mysterious third half modern jungle and dancehall, "Flash" is one of those albums people will expect you to have when they come over. And why not? When Towa Tei's productions aren't enough, you can rely on a number of collaborations with the hottest artists in Japan ranging from Chara to UA who both appear on his greatest hits album"Towa Tei Best"!

Latest album "Flash" available now!
Remix collection "Flasher" coming November 23.

Towa Tei complete catalog available: here