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March 2013
009 RE:Cyborg theatrical anime on pre-order!


Release from "Cyborg 009" theatrical anime directed by Kenji Kamiyama ("Ghost in the Shell S.A.C", "East of Eden") in 3D and 2D!

Deluxe edition features 120 minutes bonus footage for a total of 3 discs. Includes making of (interview of Kenji Kamiyama, composer Kenji Kawai etc.), press conference, CM, TV spot and much more. Comes also with 3 booklets ("setting off" 56 pages, making of "009 RE:Animation" 112 pages, second making of "009 Re:creation" 35 pages.)!!

=>009 RE:Cyborg Deluxe Edition Blu-ray Box
=>009 RE:Cyborg Regular Edition Blu-ray Box
=>009 RE:Cyborg Regular Edition DVD Box