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December 2012
Type Moon 10th Anniversary Blu-ray Box!

Type Moon 10th Anniversary Blu-ray Box!

Blu-ray box release of special event held on July 7th and 8th to celebrate the 10th anniversary of game brand "Type-Moon"
During both days, many live songs were performed by several artists and divided in five programs.
The first one features live of Yuki Kajiura (Fate/Zero BGM), the second one Fate / Zero best scenes, the third one Carnival Phantasm.
Then, comes the 4th program "Hibichika Radio (based on the most popular characters) and the 5th program with live songs!
During the encore were performed "Maho Tsukai no Yoru" theme song and "Fellows" by Maasaki Endo. Box includes a special blu-ray with "Carnival Phantasm" new episode (26 min), "Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin Movie" PV, "Next Type-Moon" trailer, 10 years of Type-Moon game opening videos.

Also comes with an original drama CD and original booklet (36 pages) in an illustrated box and special digipak. Moreover, first press includes a poster!

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