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December 2012
Ready to watch Psycho-Pass SF anime?!

Ready to watch Psycho-Pass SF anime?!

New science-fiction TV anime release on Blu-ray from the popular Production I.G and directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro. Characters were created by Akira Amano and story was written by Gen Urobochi(Nitro Plus)! Moreoverintro theme was performed by Egoist!

Plot: in a Near future, it is possible to evaluate human state of mind, character tendency, desire, all feeling and they are recorded in a program called "Psycho-Pass (Psychopath)". Therefore possible crimes can be measured too...

Blu-ray includes episodes 1 and 2 with promotion videos, trailers etc.

=>PSYCHO-PASS Vol.1 [Blu-ray][Blu-ray]
=>PSYCHO-PASS Vol.2 [Blu-ray][Blu-ray]
=>Namae no Nai Kaibutsu [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] by Egoist