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August 2012
Arata Naru Sekai Blu-ray Box preorder available!

Arata Naru Sekai Blu-ray Box preorder available!

Blu-ray box release of "Arata Naru Sekai" a media franchise produced by Hitoma Iruma ("Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko"). Madhouse studio is in charge of the animation and Kurehito Misaki for the character design.

Plot: The story is set in the world which population is decreasing dramatically, and the people is living in fear of extinction. But time travel technology is completed, and a group of boys travel to the past and girls to the future, both with the aim to stop the human being extinction.

Set includes a 114-page comic "Kako Hen (Past Part)," a 264-page novel "Genzai Hen (Present Part)," Blu-ray & DVD of "Mirai Hen (Future Part), a bonus CD featuring the theme sung by Marina Kawano and original soundtrack of "Mirai Hen," and a 36-page booklet in an illustrated box.

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