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July 2012
Total Eclipse SF anime release!

Total Eclipse SF anime release!

First Blu-ray release of "Total Eclipse" anime from Muv-Luv series, animation directed by Satelight ("Macross Frontier") and characters designed by Yumiko Hara!

Plot: in 1973, aliens named BETA came on Earth to erase mankind but 30 years later, humans are still fighting and surviving. Story takes place in an Alaska base where young pilots test new machines to face up to aliens!

Limited Edition of Blu-ray and DVD includes episode 1 and 2, storyboard (300 pages), booklet (20 pages), special CD ("No Place Like a Stage Rough" by Granrodeo, "True 4 Eyes" by Minami Kuribayashi, "Apocalypse of Destiny" by Ayami). Also comes illustrated jacket, clear sleeve jacket, super picture label.

=>Total Eclipse Vol.1 [w/ CD, Limited Edition] Blu-ray
=>Total Eclipse Vol.1 [w/ CD, Limited Edition] DVD