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April 2012
AKB0048 anime series on preorder!

AKB0048 anime series on preorder!

Blu-ray and DVD release of "AKB0048" anime TV series based on the popular idol group. It was produced by Satelight Studio, directed the popular Shoji Kawamori ("Macross" series) and characters designed by Risa Ebata ("Macross F")! All vocal actresses were selected by the fans between AKB48, NMB48 and SKE48 members.

Plot: After a galatic war, earth ecosystem is destroyed and pushed humans to move to a new planet on which entertainment is prohibited. However, 9 pretty girls create an idol musical group named "AKB0048" and they take arms against the Super Galatical Alliance!

Blu-ray edition includes first episode, booklet (16 pages), Risa Ebata illustration on the box and digipack.

=>AKB0048 vol1[Blu-ray]
=>AKB0048 vol1[DVD]
=>AKB0048 vol2[Blu-ray]