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April 2012
Zetman by Masakazu Katsura on anime!

Zetman on blu-ray!

Release of new SF action anime series based on the popular manga created by Katsura Masakazu ("Video Girl Ai", "I's", "Dna2", original character designer of "Tiger &Bunny" and "Iria Zeiram the Animation "). The anime was directed by Osamu Nabeshima ("Saint Seiya Lost Canvas") and characters designed by Hirotoshi Takaya ("Eyeshield 21")!

Plot: Jin is a young and really strong boy who lives with an old homeless guy under a bridge. On Jin's hand, a weird cercle mark that makes him the target of a mysterious company. He carries the destiny of humanity's survival...

Blu-ray and DVD includes episodes 1 through 3 with the original soundtrack vol.1!

=>Zetman Vol.1[Blu-ray]
=>Zetman Vol.1 DVD
=>Alphas Zetman Another Story
=>Tiger & Bunny - Katsura Masakazu Original Drawings - [Limited Edition]