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August 2011
Kaiji second season now !

Kaiji second season now !!

The most popular manga of Nobuyuki Fukumoto is coming back!After the success of the first season, the second one was really expected since several years! Gamble psychology, pressure, tention expressed in "zawa zawa"
etc...are here with the animation by Madhouse and Dr Movie, direction by Yuzo Sato, character design by Haruhito Takada and the great Takahiro Umehara ("Claymore", "Ironman") as director of animation!

Plot: After the events at Espoir boat and the Starside Hotel, Kaiji Ito finds himself living his miserable lifestyle once again. Captured by the Teiai group to which he owns a lot of money, he is thrown into an underground forced labor camp where he must pay off his debt by doing harsh manual work. Kaiji becomes desperate as it is expected that he lives in this hellhole for the next 15 years. But even there, money and gamble are present...and obviously Kaiji will be in !

First box includes episodes 1 through 13, a booklet featuring interview with the director and character setting!