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December 2010
Saint Seiya Lost Canvas Season 2 on preorder

Saint Seiya Lost Canvas Season 2 on preorder!

From the popular Shiori Teshirogi / Masami Kurumada manga "Saint Seiya Lost Canvas" published by Akita magazine! This is the second season and as the first season, staff still the same with Iwasa Yuko on the charac-designer and 13 OVA episodes are planned on 6 DVD / Blu-Ray!

Plot: Tenma still fight against Hades, originally his friend Aron next to the Gold Saint! Following the story, several fights are expected like Manigoldo againt El Cid, Sage and Hakurei against Thanatos and Hypnos...

It includes episode 15 " Shi no mori" and episode 16 "moshi mo ano hi ni kaeretara", booklet and reversible jacket illustrated by Shiori Teshirogi!