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November 2010
MM! The Masochist crazy anime!

MM! The Masochist crazy anime!

First Blu-ray release from anime series "MM!" animated by Studio Xebec (Love Hina,Pandora Hearts) with Hori Taeko at the chara-designer!

Plot: A true masochist Taro Sado determines to get over his masochistic nature and with his male friend Tatsukichi Hayama, enrolls in his school's "Second Volunteer Club," a club that reputedly solves the students' problems. There he meets Mio Isurugi, a beautiful but true sadist and Arashiko Yuno, the one who turned Taro into a masochist in the first place...

Each moment is totally crazy and the main character is maybe the most masochist guy of the world demanding more and more pain! Obviously, cute female girls are inside devil and even more with him!
DVD includes episodes 1 and 2, short story, creditless intro & outro, promotional footage, trailers, TV spots, audio commentary, booklet, digipack!