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August 2010
Planzet CG anime on preorder!

Planzet CG anime on preorder!

Blu-ray release of CG film "Planzet" directed by Jun Awazu of "egadon: The Monster from Marsí╔ and produced by Comix Wave Mamoru Miyano performs the voice of main character Taishi Akeshima. The mecha design is such amazing and the CG animation in a high quality even more in Blu-Ray!

Plot: The story is set in 2053, on the earth that the population drop to half by invasion of extraterrestrial biological entity. The planet self-defence force launches a counterattack, but they fail to all mission. Fuji base, in Japan, plans of operations named "Planzet" as a last mission to destroy the enemy's stronghold. Taishi Akeshima is dispatched to the enemy territory...

Blu-Ray DVD includes English subtitles, Planzet newspaper, original card, trailers, interviews with the director and casts, bonus video footage, audio commentary, digest footage.