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March 2010
Kiss x sis by Mahoromatic's author!

Kiss x sis by Mahoromatic's author!

First Blu-ray release from anime series "kiss x sis" from the manga of Bow Ditama (Mahoromatic) and animation by Studio Feel (Da Capo). If you liked Mahoromatic, for sure this anime and its freshness will enjoy you!

Plot : The story revolves around a ninth grade student Keita Suminoe studying for his high school entrance exams. He is living in a home with his older twin stepsisters named Ako and Riko who fall in love with him before they know it. Ako is mature on the outside, but horny inside. Riko is more proactive in tempting Keita to fall in love with her. Although they share no blood-relation to him, Keita begins to become romantically attracted to them...

This edition features episodes 1 through 3 and includes a bonus CD, 12-page booklet, card, and cell phone cleaner!