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February 2010
Eden of The East the Movie on preorder!

Eden of The East the Movie on preorder!

Blu-ray release from "Eden of The East the Movie I: The King of Eden" directed by Kenji Kamiyama ("Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" series) and animated by Production I.G of course and music by the great Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the shell movies) !

Plot : Half a year past since the 60 missiles incident. Saki, who gets information of Takizawa from his cell phone, sets out to New York to seek out him. Can Saki meet Takizawa again? What the meaning of the message of Takizawa: "I will be the king of the land"? The new war to save Japan has began...

Premium edition contains digest footage of the TV anime series "Air Communication" (125 minutes). Also includes illustrations of the character design by Chika Umino and a bonus CD with a spin-off drama "4 Selecao JUIZ tono Hibi."
Special Features include PR footage (teaser, trailer, and TV spot) and site map.