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February 2010
Natsumi Kiyoura First Album on preorder!

Natsumi Kiyoura First Album on preorder!

First album "19 colours" release from Natsumi Kiyoura who sang intro theme to anime series "Wolf and Spice." This album is produced by the famous Yoko Kanno (Macross Frontier, Escaflowne etc) and many people predicted Natsumi Kiyoura will be the next "Maaya Sakamoto" who is celebrating her 15th career anniversary with a new best album.

As Maaya, Natsumi has started in anime songs at 15 with Sketchbook "full color's" but younger as top model. She acts in several movies, drama (sailormoon at only 13years old!) and plays several instruments (piano, flute etc).
Natsumi Kiyoura's career is still growing up by singing one of the ending theme from Keroro anime series and more recently in Sasameki Koto. With Kanno, she sang for a commercial "o bento o tabenagara".

Her album is especially expected by the fact Yoko Kanno is the producer and composer for a song. For sure, ballads and melodies combined to Natsumi's sweet voice are amazing!

Limited edition includes bonus DVD featuring footage of studio live!