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January 2010
Atom/Astro boy Premium DVD box available in English!

Atom/Astro boy Premium DVD box available now!

Release of theatrical anime "Astro Boy (ATOM)" a 3DCG remake of Japanese animation series "Tetsuwan Atom" based on Osamu Tezuka's manga is available now on preorder! Story and setting are created with Makoto Tezuka and Tezuka Production. But the animation is from USA with a deep respect of the original design! Movie includes of course English version too!

Plot: Set in dreamlike aeropolice, Metro City, Dr. Tenma who lost his much-loved son Tobey in an accident, creates the newest model robot. This robot features Blue Core, the future-oriented and ultimate energy device developed by Dr. Tenma's co-worker, Dr. Ochanomizu, and it has Tobey's appearance and memory. However, it cannot fulfil the grieving Dr. Tenma's expectations, and finally got kicked out. The robot calls himself Atom and embarks on a journey to find his place. On the other hand, Metro City's president Stone who plans to use Blue Core for military use start to search for Atom...

DVD Premium Box set includes bonus disc with character design & art, virtual tour "Welcome to Metro City" with Freddie Highmore , voice cast interview, unreleased scene, "Let's be ATOM!," image gallery, and anecdote about remaking characters plus microSD features the film, motion manga "Atomu Tanjo" originally written by Osamu Tezuka over 80-page setting guide, ATOM design drawing, bookmark, CD-ROM with storyboard, and silk screen postcard.