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January 2010
Jungle Taitei / Leo White Lion New Movie!

Jungle Taitei / Leo White Lion New Movie!

DVD release of original anime "Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Taitei) - Yuki ga Mirai wo Kaeru -" based on legendary Tezuka Osamu's "Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Taitei)." It was directed by Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, One Piece Movie) and character design planned by Yoshitaka Amano(Final Fantasy, Gatchaman) in the mythic Tezuka Production! Since 12 years, any new anime was created from the so famous masterpiece Jungle Taitei !

Plot: Sometimes in the 21st century. To stop the severe environmental destruction, the nation set up a company "Eternal Earth" to create an artificial jungle "Neo Jungle" and all wild animals are forced to live there. White lion Leo was born in "Neo Jungle" and live freely. But chicken-hearted Leo is teased from other animals all the time. He commit himself to be a Jungle Emperor like his father. One day, Leo meets a boy Kenichi, son of CEO of "Eternal Earth," who has no doubt about success of Neo Jungle...

Special edition features original sleeve package, original jacket and pictured-label. It Includes character correlation diagram and director comment sheet, Yoshitaka Amano card set, and original changeable jacket, bonus disc features trailer, art setting guide and more...