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December 2009
Gundam Unicorn on preorder now!

Gundam Unicorn on preorder now!

The new gundam series will be released next year under "Gundam Unicorn."The characters are designed by the so great and famous animator Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and the mechanic designed by Hajime Katoki ("Super Robot Wars" series). Definitly it represents a come back to the original staff and a new scenario respecting the long Gundam story!

Plot: The story located in a colony "Industrial 7" in UC (Universal Century) 0096. It depicts an encounter of a 16 years old student Banagher Links and the pure white mobile suit "Unicorn Gundam," and also depicts the global basis war over the forbidden box "Laplace."

Blu-ray includes English, French, Spanish and Chinese subtitles and English Audio in 5.1! For a new anime, it is very rare in Japan to find so much foreign languages! Moreover, the first press comes with an original cardboard slipcase.