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October 2009
Serial Experimental Lain New Release!

Serial Experimental Lain New Release!

Serial Experimental Lain is one of the best anime from the 90's by its story and matched exactly with the Internet revolution. Between philosophy and technology, Lain is also the Abe Yoshitoshi's debut as original character designer (Haibane Renmei, Texhnolyze). He became one of the most popular animator/illustrator! Nice intro theme "Duvet" was sung by Boa a british group.

Plot: Lain is collegue girl very cold and when one of school friends is found dead, her computer-obsessed father working in IT offered her a new generation of computer. She begun to be addicted to the "wired", kind of internet. Then, she received a message from her dead friend which says that only her body is dead, not her spirit which still alive in the communication network...

This new DVD box in blu-ray includes all episodes with English version, original music soundtrack and booklet in a limited edition collector set!