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October 2009
Kobato by Clamp available now!

Kobato by Clamp available now!

First DVD release from anime series "Kobato" created by CLAMP & animation directed by Madhouse studio is now available! Intro theme was sung by one of the best seiyu/voice actresse, Sakamoto Maaya (Kuroshitsuji, Macross Frontier)! Try to discover this anime as soon as possible!

Plot : Kobato is a cute girl, but knows nothing of the real world around her. She has a mission, which is to fill a mysterious bottle with people's broken heart to go a certain place that she desires to go. Broken heart healed by Kobato changes shape to staff like Konpeito (sweetmeat) and goes into the bottle. On strange occasions, Kobato starts to help short-staffed nursery school where is actually in danger of school closing...

DVD includes episodes 1 and 2 with 8-page liner note. Limited edition includes DVD container box to house six discs illustrated by CLAMP!