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October 2009
Rose of Versailles / Lady Oscar New DVD Edition!

Rose of Versailles / Lady Oscar New DVD Edition!

DVD box set release from hit anime series "The Rose of Versailles (Versailles no Bara)" commemorating its 30th anniversary. Even it is an old cartoon, it still very famous for all a generation of fans in Japan but also in France, Italia, known as "lady oscar". The origin of this success is the dramatic story, characters and a great animation by TMS studio.
No more than the two ever "best combination" directed this anime: Araki Shingo / Himeno Michi (Saint Seiya, Babel II, Cutie Honey) and Sugino Akio / Dezaki Osamu (Cobra, Ashita no Joe, Tales of Genji Sen-nen Ki Genji) ! The revolution atmosphere is depicted by Hiroko Moriguchi's music.

Plot : The set in France before and during the French Revolution. The story features young queen of France, Marie Antoinette and a leader of her household troops, Oscar Francois de Jarjayes. Oscar is actually a girl, but her father, General Jarjayes does not have a son, so he grooms her as a son. The story depicts love of two women, Marie Antoinette and Oscar and France's tumultuous time.

In this white nice box, it includes all 40 episodes and 4-page liner. Himeno Michi was in charge of the beautiful illustrations. A very good opportunity to discover or to watch again and completely this anime!