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September 2009
Taisho Yakyu Musume on DVD !

Taisho Yakyu Musume on DVD !

"Taisho Yakyu Musume" will start on DVD very soon and it is no more than the replacing anime of K-on/Keion! It was directed by Takashi Ikehata with character design by Kanetoshi Kamimoto and main character's voice by Kana Ueda!

Plot : Set in the 14th year of the Taisho period (1925). One day, 14-year-old Japanese high school girl named Koume Suzukawa talks to her best friend Shoko Ogasawara to ask to start a baseball team with her. In Japan few baseball teams exist, but they are all male teams. Two girls have no idea where to find nine players, how to use the equipments, and what even the rules are...

First DVD includes episodes 1 and 2. Also includes full-color booklet.