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July 2009
Viper's Creed on DVD

New SF anime: Viper's Creed on DVD

Mecha action anime series "VIPER'S CREED" directed by Shinji Aramaki of "APPLESEED" and "EX MACHINA" released for the 10th anniversary of Animax channel, is available on preorder!

Plot: In the near feature most cities of the earth have problems due to environmental breakdown, world war, conflict between private military company and regular military forces. These problems brought calamity and turmoil to the people. Private mecha police corperations (PMC) works to protect Fort Diver City, a distributional bases from terrorists using robots to destroy the cities. However people in Fort Diver City keep PMC on the outside and are not pleased with them because they think PMC comes in order to make money...

First DVD features episodes 1 through 3, making documentary, round-table talk, creditless intro & outro.