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May 2009
Queen's Blade on Anime!

Queen's Blade on Anime

Queen's Blade is a series of visual combat books with numerous sexy characters whose figures are hit sales in Japan and abroad. Anime was launched on the TV last month and designed by Rin Shin, a famous Japanese chara-designer/animator/illustrator of erotic anime (La Blue Girl, Ikki Tousen).

In four year intervals, a competition is held to decide who will be the next Queen. The strongest warrior will be a queen. Murder is allowed. Any weapon can be chosen. The winner is decided when one of the participants flees or can't move anymore...

DVD includes secret booklet, promotional video, event footage of Tokyo International Anime Fair featuring Ayako Kawasumi and Mamiko Noto etc.

On exclusivity for CDjapan, a telephone card with original illustration is offered.