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April 2009
Saint Seiya Come Back!

Saint Seiya Come Back

Saint Seiya, the greatest anime for all a generation comes back in a new story from the original manga "The Lost Canvas" by Masami Kurumada and
Shiori Teshirogi! Animation was directed by TMS Studio and it will be released only on a DVD OVA serie from June!

Plot: First DVD release from OVA "Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Meio Shinwa" based on hit manga depicts the previous Holy War breaking out in the 18th century, 243 years before the original "Saint Seiya." Three young children, Tenma, Aaron, and Aaron's sister Sasha have all shared a very happy childhood together. Tenma who is aggressive but has a strong sense of justice has moved to Sanctuary to become a saint. On the other hand, gentle Aaron, who loves paintings, is so vulnerable when the evil lord Hades attempts to take over his body to come back to life. Tenma eventually becomes a saint of Pegasus and reunites with Sasha who is actually the reincarnation of Goddess Athena. Tenma and Sasha engage in a crucial battle with Hades who is their precious friend and brother. . .

Each DVD includes 2 episodes and bonus such as booklet!