My tracking number is not working. Is it the correct number?

It will take up to 1-2 business days for the tracking information to start updating. Please track again tomorrow and you should see more information posted.

How come my tracking information is not updated after getting dispatched from Tokyo?

Tracking information will not update after getting dispatched from Tokyo, until it enters custom inspection. If a package is stuck at custom inspection, the tracking update will stop as well.

All we can do is to wait since we have no control over your local custom inspections to make them proceed any faster.

Once it clears customs inspection, it will be posted to your tracking information and you will receive the package shortly. It is worth calling your customs office to make an inquiry for your package. You may be able to receive your package mush faster when you do this.

Why has my tracking information stopped after arriving to my local post office?

From our experience, sometimes the post office does not leave a delivery note and takes back the package to the local post office and forgets about it.

If you do not receive the package within a few days after the package arrived to your local post office, please directly contact your local post office to prevent the package from getting returned.

What should I do if my package already entered the return process?

First of all, if it is still within a couple days from the post, please immediately contact the office holding your package as you may be able to stop it from returning.

If it has already entered the return process, we will contact you once the package arrives to our office in Tokyo. This means, if you have not received a mail from us, we have not received your package, or we're not ready to refund / replace your package yet.

When the package is returned to Japan.

When the package is returned to us, we process to refund the item price (shipping charge is excluded) to your original payment method, and we will inform about it by e-mail.
We only process to full refund when the package with tracking number is returned without any reason.
Therefore if you would like us to send your purchase items again, please contact us sooner you find out the package is not delivered to you.
Please note in this case we will have to charge you for the re-sending fee.

Why is my package opened?

In some cases, our customers have reported that their products arrived torn open. Sometimes custom officers are rough with our products and they randomly open up brand new products (especially in Mexico, Argentina etc.) and not putting them back correctly in their box. Unfortunately, in such case we can not do anything as customs have complete right to verify the shipment.

However we confirm that all of our products are brand new and our warehouse staff will never package a product if they see a torn plastic cover!

Why does my tracking says "delivered" when I have not received it?

Common cases

  • Check if your room mate, family or neighbor has received it on your behalf and forgot to let you know.
  • Some delivery companies will change the tracking information to "delivered" once they make an attempt to deliver.
  • If you were absent, they will take your package to your local post office. Please contact the post office to arrange a re-delivery.
  • Worst case scenario is, --although we wish this would never happen-- sometimes irresponsible deliverers may leave your package behind a bush or somewhere near the door. Please look around just in case.

What to do when package does not arrive within average arrival time?

Check whether your shipping method is traceable from Japan Post website or your local post service website.

Traceable Shipping Methods

The best tip we can give is to look after your package once it is shipped out. Once you receive our shipping confirmation mail, always track your package at least once a week.
Some post offices will leave the package sitting there for weeks without giving any note to recipient. Worst case scenario is, the package will be returned once it reaches the maximum storage period. If it does not arrive within our average arrival time + 5 days, make inquiries to the customs office or your local post office, or wherever the package is being held for more than 10 days.

Non-traceable Shipping Methods

If your package does not arrive within the average arrival time + 5 days, please make an inquiry to your local post office or custom office informing the recipient name, sender: CDJapan / Toshi Makiya, recipient address, and contents of your package.