How much is the shipping charge?

It depends on the shipping method you choose.

To calculate the shipping charge for any item or combination of items, use the Shipping Charge Calculator in shopping cart in following steps.

  1. Add items to shopping cart
  2. Select your country under the Shipping Charge Calculator
  3. Click on the Calculate button

    Can I edit my shipment?

    Credit Card

    You can edit your order as long as it has not entered the shipping process. To move items to another order, or to send an item separately, sign in your Customer Account and click on the order you'd like to edit in your Order History. In the details page, click on the Move items to another shipment button. To combine orders, select all items and move them all to another order.

Debit Card

You can edit your order. However note that debit cards are processed every time the order is modified. Therefore, you may be overcharged until the refund is processed for the original transaction(s), which could take ups to 1-2 months at the most.


You can only cancel items from Paypal orders. Any other modifications such as moving and adding can not be arranged. This is because PayPal payments are finalized at the time you place your order, and it is not possible to modify the amounts. The only solution is to cancel your orders, receive a refund, and re-place them how you want them to be.

IPMO & Cash

You can edit your order as long as your order has not been processed.

Shipping Address / Method

Please contact us by email to modify your shipping address or shipping method. Note that we can only change your order if it has not entered the shipping process. Also our customer support is closed during the weekends, so we will not be able to respond immediately to mails received during that time.


Why did my shipping charge change?

We tried to avoid that by covering extra costs on our end, as much as possible. However, the post office and FedEx determine the postage primarily based on the total weight of the package while accurate weight and dimensions of items do not become available until they are actually available physically.

So, in case the difference proves to be too great, we will update the shipping charge and then contact you by email for your approval before proceeding to ship your order. Please note that if we do not hear from you in one week after we contact you, we will send your order to prevent delays.

Will I receive a shipping confirmation mail?

Yes, you will receive a shipping confirmation mail when the package ships out.

Where is my tracking number?

Check whether you are using a traceable shipping method from [here] URL.
If you are using a traceable shipping method, you will receive the tracking number in your shipping confirmation mail
and also in the order detail page from your customer account.

Where can I track my package?

Important Note

Some countries are still in an experimental stage with posting tracking service. In such case, the tracking information will stop once it enters your country. However it does not mean that your package is lost. For countries that do provide tracking service, you can find information posted from the links listed here. 

Can you declare a lower value?

No, we will declare the value accurately as required to comply with all laws and regulations. This is to ensure that customers are able to receive their orders safely.

Why is my package not shipped out?

Common reasons are...

  • an item in your order is not released yet. Please sign into your account to check if all items you purchased are already released.

  • all items have not been fulfilled by our supplier yet. On every product description page, we state the estimated period to obtain the product from our supplier. If it is still within the time frame, it means that we are waiting for our supplier to deliver the product. We will send an update email if any delays occur.

Why can't I modify my order?

Listed below are common reasons why an order cannot be modified such as adding items, splitting an order, or combining with other orders.

Order can not be modified when...

  • it contains proxy item (catalog # NEODAI)
  • it is applied with a coupon
  • it designates a packaging type
  • it contains a product that can not be modified
  • the order is eligible for free shipping
  • it is applied with GST (Orders from New Zealand and Australia)
  • your payment method has technical restrictions such as...
    1.when credit card is already charged have not signed a billing agreement with Paypal
    3.Paypal order is over 180days from ordering date