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December 31, 2019 7:15PM through 11:45PM (Japan Standard Time UTC+9)

Vote For Your Most Favorite Act in 2019 Kouhaku Uta Gassen

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Vote For Your Most Favorite Act in 2019 Kouhaku Uta Gassen (Google Form)


Red Team
White Team
Intermediate Results
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Poll Final Results Revealed

First Timers



Official HIGE DANdism

Masaki Suda

King Gnu




Lineup (Number of appearances)

    Red Team

  1. aiko(14)
  2. Ikimono Gakari(11)
  3. Sayuri Ishikawa(42)
  4. AKB48(12)
  5. Midori Oka(3)
  6. Keyakizaka 46 (4)
  7. Fuyumi Sakamoto(31)
  8. Ringo Sheena(7)
  9. Aya Shimizu(6)
  10. Superfly(4)
  11. Yoshimi Tendo(24)
  12. TWICE(3)
  13. Nogizaka46(5)
  14. Perfume(12)
  15. Hinatazaka46(First Time)
  16. Foorin(First Time)
  17. Seiko Matsuda(23)
  18. MISIA(4)
  19. Kaori Mizumori(17)
  20. LiSA(First Time)
  21. Little Glee Monster(3)

    White Team

  22. Arashi(11)
  23. Hiroshi Itsuki(49)
  24. Official HIGE DANdism(First Time)
  25. Kanjani Eight(8)
  26. Kis-My-Ft2(First Time)
  27. King & Prince(2)
  28. King Gnu(First Time)
  29. Hiromi Go(32)
  30. GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE(First Time)
  31. Jyunretsu(2)
  32. Masaki Suda(First Time)
  33. DA PUMP(7)
  34. Kiyoshi Hikawa(20)
  35. Masaharu Fukuyama(12)
  36. Hey! Say! JUMP(3)
  37. Gen Hoshino(5)
  38. Daichi Miura(3)
  39. Hiroshi Miyama(5)
  40. Keisuke Yamauchi(5)
  41. Yuzu(10)


Red Team

Haruka Ayase

White Team

Sho Sakurai (Arashi)

General Moderator

Teruyoshi Uchimura

Poll Final Results Revealed

Final Results

Total Votes: 928
Arashi: 338
Perfume: 286
Hey! Say! JUMP:72

Intermediate Results

DEC 25 Intermediate Results

Total Votes: 655
Perfume: 242
Arashi: 187
Hey! Say! JUMP:43

DEC 18 Intermediate Results

Total Votes: 490
Arashi: 157
Perfume: 139
Hey! Say! JUMP:37

Hot Comments from Voters


Been a fan of LiSA for 5 years, without her, i wouldn't even know about this Awesome japanese Event since there is no Japanese music culture impact in Morocco, also with LiSA's outstanding works and performances this year, i'll definitely vote for LiSA, that won't change ,before and after the event

Ilyas from Morocco

Hey! Say! JUMP

I'm really happy Hey!Say!JUMP get to be in Kouhaku again! I really hope they won't do songs like Come on a my house, Super Delicate,... again, and that they'll be able to show everybody in Japan their dancing skills and coolness. They have many many awesome songs, are really hard-workers and I hope people will get to discover them with this show :)

Himi from Switzerland

DEC 6 Intermediate Results

Total Votes: 392
Arashi: 138
Perfume: 122
Hey! Say! JUMP:28

Hot Comments from Voters


Our girls have worked hard for over 14 years and are still starting trends. Their use of technology is breathtaking and absolutely unique to them.

Aimipon from UK


They deserves it. After all those 20th years without rest, they deserves everything. Before they go to hiatus, they should be feeling appreciated and they should know that people will always wait for their comeback.


Hey! Say! JUMP

My Favourite Boyband of all times and I am so happy they are participating again!

Misa from Germany

Keyakizaka 46

Keyakizaka46 portray beautiful performances through choreography and song that never fail to engage those who watch.

Ruby from Australia

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