Sachiko Kanenobu: "Aoi Sakana" in "Perfect Days" By Wim Wenders (2023)

The film features songs by many renowned artists like Lou Reed, Patti Smith, and The Kinks.
However, not many people are familiar with the Japanese songs used in the film such as "Aoi Sakana."
The song is originally included in Sachiko Kanenobu's album "Misora."

Maki Asakawa's "Asahi no Ataru Ie" is also featured in the film.

"Perfect Days" is a movie set in Tokyo. Starring Koji Yakusho.
Although the film is set in modern-day Tokyo, the life of the main character, Hirayama, reflects traditional Japanese culture.

His life is filled with things that even Japanese people would find nostalgic: a tatami room, an Olympus half-size camera, an old underground mall in Asakusa, and a cassette deck in his Daihatsu car.

Happy End: "Kaze wo Atsumete" in "Lost in Translation" By Sofia Coppola (2003)

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson star in this film set in Tokyo.
You will be able to feel the atmosphere of the Heisei era.

HASYMO: "Tokyo Town Pages" in "Tokyo!" By Michel Gondry, Leos Carax, and Bong Joon-Ho (2008)

"Tokyo Town Pages" is the ending theme for the film.
HASYMO is the collaborative unit of Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi.

Meiko Kaji: "Shura no Hana" and "Urami Bushi" in "Kill Bill Vol. 1" By Quentin Tarantino (2004)

"Urami" means "resentment."
"Urami Bushi," the outro theme for the movie, expresses the resentment of Beatrix "the Bride" Kiddo, the main character in Kill Bill.

Also, Tomoyasu Hotei's "BATTLE WITHOUT HONOR OR HUMANITY" was featured as the theme for the film.

In addition, The's appeared in the film in the role of the band.
They performed "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield," "I'm Blue" (a cover of The Ikettes' song), and "Woo Hoo."

Soundtrack Of "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" By Justin Lin (2006)

The soundtrack features TERIYAKI BOYZ's rap part.
This work includes the track "The Barracuda" by The's.

Crazy Ken Band: "Hawaii no Yoru" and "Motto Wasabi" in "The Man Without a Past" By Aki Kaurismäki (2002)

"Motto Wasabi" is the song of "Masao Onose Show," which is the solo project of Crazy Ken Band's guitarist Masao Onose.