• Hanabie.
  • Gacharic Spin
  • Otoboke Beaver
  • CHAI

  • Hanabie.

    Hanabie is a Japanese metalcore band from Tokyo, formed in 2015.
    They are very popular with their unique "Harajuku Core" style, which is based on elements of various genres such as loud rock, metalcore, and sometimes J-pop.
    They also feature Akihabara culture and creates a unique and fresh sensation.
    Their songs incorporate elements of metalcore, hardcore punk, and nu metal, with a blend of hip hop and electronica.

    Official SNS

    Twitter: @HA_NA_BIE_

    Instagram: @ha_na_bie_

    Gacharic Spin

    Gacharic Spin is a Japanese rock band formed in Tokyo in 2009.
    They have toured Japan extensively and performed internationally at conventions and festivals in USA, East Asia, and Europe.
    They are known for their flamboyant and aggressive performances, and occasionally perform 80s heavy metal covers at their live shows as "Metallic Spin."

    Official SNS

    Twitter: @Gachapin_info

    Instagram: @gacharicspin_official

    Otoboke Beaver

    Otoboke Beaver is a Japanese punk rock band from Kyoto, formed in 2009.
    The band features an old sound like 70's-80's American punk and unique Japanese lyrics using dialect.
    Their motto is "Sex, Shibazuke (means Pickled Radish), Rock 'n' Roll."

    They have been featured as one of the "Meet Music's Future 25"
    by the US Rolling Stone magazine.
    We can expect their popularity to continue rising even further in the future!

    Also, they will conduct a North American tour starting in February.

    Official SNS

    Twitter: @otobokebeaver

    Instagram: @otobokebeaver


    NEMOPHILA is a "Yurufuwa of hell" band.
    "Yurufuwa" is a combination word of "yururi" (leisurely / gently) and "fuwari" (softly).
    They incorporate various elements from loud to grunge.

    Official SNS

    Twitter: @NEMOPHILA_band

    Instagram: @nemophila_band


    LOVEBITES is a Japanese power metal band, formed in 2016.
    After a year-long hiatus, they restarted act and released their fourth album "Judgement Day" in February 2023.
    It is their highest-charting record to date, reaching number 5 on both the Oricon and Billboard Japan charts.

    Recently, they announced that their first world tour "LOVEBITES THE THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE WORLD TOUR" starting from June 2024 in Spain.

    Official SNS

    Twitter: @lovebites_jp

    Instagram: @lovebites_jp


    Chai was a Japanese pop band from Nagoya.
    They are formed by the twins Mana and Kana, along with the powerful rhythm duo of Yuki and Yuna.
    This quartet is known as 'NEO - New Exciting Women Band.'
    They create a wide range of music, from rap-centered tracks using distorted keyboard to groovy funk sounds, as well as mellow pop tunes.
    Regrettably, they announced their disbandment in 2024.

    Official SNS

    Twitter: @CHAIofficialJPN

    Instagram: @chaiofficialjpn

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