Kenshi Yonezu to release the sixth album four years after his album "STRAY SHEEP."

This work includes "Sayonara, Mata Itsuka!," the theme song for the drama series "Tora ni Tsubasa," "Garakuta," the theme song for the summer movie "Last Mile," and "Chikyugi" (Spinning Globe), the theme song for Studio Ghibli's movie "The Boy and the Heron."
The album also includes "KICK BACK," the opening theme for the TV anime "Chainsaw Man," "M87," the theme song for the movie "Shin Ultraman," and "Tsuki wo Miteita," the theme song for the game "FINAL FANTASY XVI."

The album is released in four editions: Regular edition, Video editions (Blu-ray or DVD), and Garakuta edition.

The video editions come housed in tin cases with either a Blu-ray or a DVD.

The Garakuta (which means junk) edition comes with collectible(s) (bonus detail is to be announced) and comes housed in an object case.

In addition, all editions come with an A4-sized clear folder.

Music Video For "Sayonara, Mata Itsuka!"

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