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Jacky Cheung

First, let us introduce Jacky Cheung (張学友) called as "God Of Songs" in Hong Kong.

Jacky Cheung is a Hong Kong singer and actor.

His awards include the World Music Award (1996) for “World’s Best-selling Asian artist," and the Billboard Music Award (1994) for “Most Popular Asian Singer."

He is one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" (四大天王), including Andy Lau (劉徳華), Aaron Kwok (郭富城), and Leon Lai (黎明).
"Four Heavenly Kings" is one of the cultural centers of Hong Kong especially in the 1990s, appearing not only in the music industry but also on magazine covers, television, advertisements, and movies.

In 2024, Jacky Cheung's five works are reissued in vinyl format.

In Hong Kong, covering Japanese songs was popular for a while.
His work "Meny Zhong De Ni" includes "Li Xiang Lan," a cover of Koji Tamaki's "Ikanaide," and "Qing Bu Jin" contains a cover of Southern All Stars' "Manatsu no Kajitsu."

Faye Wong

Faye Wong is a Hong Kong female singer and actress.
Even if you are not familiar with her name, many people might recognize her figure and voice.
This is because she is both the actress in the movie "Chungking Express" (重慶森林) and the singer who performed the theme song "Eyes on Me" for the video game "Final Fantasy VIII," which was released in Japan in 1999.

In 2023, Faye Wong's works were reissued in vinyl format.
This reissue was very well received and was a long-running hit on CDJapan.

Feature: [Added 7 Works] Faye Wong's Works Reissued on Vinyl - out FEB 16th!

[Unboxing] Faye Wong (王菲): Anxiety [Limited Release]

Other LPs unboxing videos are here: CDJapan Official YouTube Channel

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