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"Shirley Wong" (王靖雯)

She made her debut as Shirley Wong with this album.


"You're the Only One"

"Coming Home"

"No Regrets" (執迷不悔)

"100,000 Whys" (十萬個為什麼?)

"Mystery" (迷)

[Unboxing] Faye Wong: 100,000 Whys [Limited Release]

"Anxiety" (Fuzao: 浮躁) in 1996

It contains two songs written by Cocteau Twins which is England band.

"DI-DAR" in 1995

"My Favorite" a.k.a. "Decadent Sound of Faye" (菲靡靡之音) in 1995

"Please Myself" (Tou hou ji gei: 討好自己) in 1994

[Unboxing] Faye Wong (王菲): Anxiety [Limited Release]

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