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Reward Points Offered

Reward points are originally not offered for "Proxy Shopping items", see Proxy Shopping Terms & Conditions for reference.

However for the duration of this event, Proxy Shopping customers will recieve 3% reward points for any purchases of Proxy Shopping item(s), just like most other retail items listed on our site!

Offer Period

Place your order between
2017 June 8(11.59AM UTC+9) - 25th (11.59PM UTC+9)


  • Purchase of one or more "eligible itme(s)" must be made within the offer period in order for pionts to accumulate.
  • The 3% reward points apllies only to the "Item Price", handling fees and shipping costs are not calculated.
  • For more information on the distribution and expiry date of reward points please see here.

Eligible Items

1. Newly requested items

2. All currently available Proxy Shopping items

1. Request a new item

There are essentially two ways to make your request:

For items not listed on CDJapan
  1. Access the "Request Form" from the Proxy Shopping top page or from the "Proxy Shopping" tab in your account.
  2. Complete the form by filling in the necessary information and submit.
For items listed on CDJapan but are out-of-stock
  1. From the search results page, click on "Try Proxy Shopping".
  2. Select a desirable listing and click on "Get a Quote" on the product detail page.
  3. Login, complete the request form and submit.

2. Currently Available Eligible Items: Proxy Shopping Complete Catalog