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Between November 22 through December 24

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Vote For Most Popular Johnny's Groups [2017 Final Poll]

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3rd Intermediate Result (Dec 14 Updated)

KANJANI8 (11429)
Hey! Say! JUMP (2138)
NEWS (1817)
ARASHI (1043)

11 days left.
Will KANJANI8 win with overwhelming power?
Or any group can stop this trend?

2nd Intermediate Result (Dec 8 Updated)

KANJANI8 (7166)
Hey! Say! JUMP (1682)
NEWS (1326)
ARASHI (653)
KAT-TUN (487)

17 days left.
Will KANJANI8 win for the first time in our Johnny's poll history?
But at this point, we cannot predict any thing as this poll always change dramatically.

1st Intermediate Result (Nov 28 Updated)

KANJANI8 (3599)
Hey! Say! JUMP (729)
NEWS (534)
ARASHI (490)
KAT-TUN (376)

26 days left.
This is just a beginning, but we are already (as always) overwhelmed.

Johnny's Poll History

2017 (1st): Winner went NEWS
2016: Winner went KAT-TUN
2015: Winner went ARASHI

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