The winner goes to . . . . Arashi!!
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Submission Period

Between June 1 through June 17 (Japan Standard Time UST+9) *Period is over, thank you for joining us!

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Final Results (Updated Jun 18 16:30 Japan Time)

Thank everyone for taking your rare time to show your love to Johnny's groups. Voting period is over with a tremendous number of 24,968 votes (!), and now the time has come to announce the winner of the poll. At first, we'd like to announce the 5th to the 2nd place . . .

No.5 Hey! Say! JUMP (2387)
No.4 NEWS (2959)
No.3 KAT-TUN (4107)
No.2 KANJANI8 (4275)

And the crown goes to . . .

ARASHI (10398)!

Is your love reached your favorite group? That was really exciting poll.

As we've informed, we will offer extra rewards points on the products of Arashi, starting from JUN 22 at our shop. We will notify you about the offer details on JUN 22 via J-Pop mail magazine (register from here) & this page. So, keep your eyes on us!

Intermediate Results (Updated Jun 15 18:00 Japan Time)

Very excited and overwhelmed with this intermediate results. KAT-TUN has got 2111 votes, finally surpassing ARASHI, who has got 1782 . . .! Furthermore, Hey! Say! JUMP, who has got 1731, is almost reaching ARASHI. Who could imagine the final results? Only 2 days left to the end. If you haven't joined, please be quick to vote and share this fierce battle with your friends.

Guys . . . fierce battle is GOING ON. ARASHI has got 1194 votes while KAT-TUN has got 1015 votes. At this point, you can not guess which group will win at last. ARASHI? KAT-TUN? Or any other? We will make the final follow up report around Jun 15 via J-Pop mail magazine (register from here) & this page. So stay tuned.

We would like to report the 2nd intermediate results (JUN 8) of the poll for Johnny's Group. Looks like KAT-TUN, NEWS, and Hey! Say! JUMP are neck and neck, and heavily pursuing ARASHI with rising number of votes. NEWS is especially rapidly increasing, and they have surpassed Hey! Say! JUMP by a very narrow margin at this point (!). Have you already voted? If not, let me hear your voice here.


Comments from Voters

Thank you very much for sharing your heartfelt and passionate comments. We assume that you are interested in other fans' comments to your favorite groups, so we would like to choose several ones from over 800 (!) comments we have received so far. If you haven't voted and commented yet, please do now and show us your passion!

Noemi from Mexico

KANJANI8 is the best J-pop group, they are original, funny, their music is grand, they extremly talented and they are not fake, they are real, they work relly hard; I have come to respect them a lot :3

Karen from Brazil

NEWS are the best group ever!! They started with 9 members and lose half of the members, it's true... but they grow strong when need to face troubles!! NEWS gave me the strenght that I need to overcome the daily stress and they never fail to make me smile!! I really love NEWS!! I'll be a chankapaana forever

Afifah Anggraeni from Indonesia

Hey!Say!JUMP is a great group i think. they really have a big dream to reach they dream until famous like now. from the zero to hero, they showed us how big their effort by hard working. i hope they will be grow more, famous more, and all of people in this world know who is Hey!Say!JUMP without say "hey!say!jump?? who is it?"

Mary from Italy

They are amazing, one of the best group ever! I love them, they changed my life. They make me feel better both with their shows amd with their music. Their smiles, their characters make me fall more and more on love with them. Even though they may not be perfect, I think that they are perfect and wonderful also with their "imperfections". I want to thank them also to always stay as KAT-TUN even after all the bad times they went through and that I will support them no matter what! KAT-TUN, I love you.

Fitriah Ratnasari from Singapore

ARASHI is my life. They are somehow not fake like some groups who just puts up a front but they are actually behaving naturally and normally which makes me feel like watching their foolishness and clumsiness even more. They cheer me up whenever im sad. It does not have to be singing or dancing even when I see them smile and doing stupid stuffs like putting a stocking over their heads or looking very unglam on national tv, it makes me so hapoy that I could die from too much excitement hahahahaha I REALLY LOVE ARASHI ALOT