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May 8 Intermediate Result

May 16 Intermediate Result

May 22 Intermediate Result

May 29 Final Result

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Vote For Most Popular Johnny's Groups [2017 Poll]

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Intermediate Result (Updated May 8 12:30 Japan Time)

Thank you very much for our participating our 2017 poll to find out the most popular johnny's groups.

We've overwhelmed that we've already received nearly 3,000 votes up to this time, just 7 days after it started!

Let us bring you the first intermediate result (Updated on May 8th).

We can see that ARASHI (910) got a rocket start, and NEWS (424), Hey! Say! JUMP (386), and KAT-TUN (347) are approaching Arashi with a slim margin from each other.

At this point, we cannot expect the final result at all as this annual poll always dramatically changes as it comes to the end. And actually, votes for NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP, and KAT-TUN are increasing amazingly fast.

Join us if you haven't, and share it with your friends.
We will be back next week with the 2nd report, so stay tuned.

Intermediate Result (Updated May 16 12:10 Japan Time)

We are overwhelmed, again.

Thank you very much for continuing support for our 2017 poll to find out the most popular johnny's groups.

We now have received over 7,000 votes.
And now, NEWS (1582) is surpassing Arashi (1308) by a margin of 274 votes. Just behind that, Kinki Kids (1219) is ranked 3. This is the first time that Kinki Kids ranked in top 10 of our previous polls.

More surprisingly, votes for Kinki Kids is increasing dramatically rapidly.

Who could have imagined this?

Lastly, we'd like to select several hot comments from you. Guys, this poll has 8 days left.
Let your voice be heard.

Comment to Arashi

What's great about Arashi is not just their music, but their professionalism and their commitment to their fans. They're all hard worker, and seem very humble as a whole. There is something in their "partnership" that other groups don't seem to have: a sense of unity and support that seems effortless.

BiPi from Italy

Comment to NEWS

I believe NEWS are underrated. They don't a lot of the extravaganza many groups do but what they have is so much love for their fans. They're willing to do so much for their fans bc as Keiichan said, "Our stages might be getting bigger, but its only to be closer to you." They all love each other and they're such great friends. NEWS have been through so much and despite that they just come out stronger and stronger. They've lost members and fans but I've never seen them more happy and successful as a group. Each year they keep growing and growing and each year they just continuously shine brighter.

Sooni from United States

Comment to KinKi Kids

KinKi Kids are very professional and hardworking artist.They also multi talented and very handsome,cool. They are very devoted to their fans also??This year 21st July will be their 20th Anniversary since debut.I will support them always,KinKi Kids Forever (Heart Mark) e

Choo Chew Yen from Malaysia

Intermediate Result (Updated May 22 14:41 Japan Time)

Thank you very much for continuing support for our 2017 poll to find out the most popular johnny's groups.

Two days before end this poll, we are seeing a dead heat, a whole new scenery in our poll history.

Kinki Kids is getting the first place with 3,606 votes.
NEWS is the second with 2,991 votes.
KANJANI8 got 2,777 votes and on the third place.
And Arashi, the former winner, is now on the fourth place with 2,555 votes.

Even J.K. Rowling can not write such a dramatic scenario, and of course no one can even guess the final result, which will be May 24th, a day after tomorrow.

Everyone, show your love to the groups until the very end of this fierce battle.

Final Result (Updated May 29 10:55 Japan Time)

  1. NEWS (6151)
  2. KANJANI8 (6021)
  3. ARASHI (4499)
  4. KinKi Kids (4471)
  5. Hey! Say! JUMP (1559)
  6. KAT-TUN (1205)
  7. Johnny's West (771)
  8. SixTONES (527)
  9. Mr.King (379)
  10. Sexy Zone (343)
  11. Kis-My-Ft2 (211)
  12. Tackey & Tsubasa (79)
  13. Tegomass (70)
  14. Kame to YamaP (63)
  15. V6 (42)
  16. Love-tune (38)
  17. TOKIO (30)
  18. Johnny's Jr. (25)
  19. SMAP (22)
  20. A.B.C-Z (16)
  21. Mr. Prince (8)
  22. Other (39)
(Total Votes: 26,569)

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